About Us

Every new idea starts with an attempt to challenge the older version of that idea.

For us, the idea we wanted to challenge is: can greatness become an easier mission?
In other words: how can we help tomorrow’s great people achieve their greatness faster, easier, and more successfully than ever?

It is a sad fact to see so many of us who were actually meant for greatness giving up on it, due to not knowing where to start, what to do, and how to do it, or, worse, decided to forget about it after too many mistakes that could have been easily prevented by simple proper guidance.

We believe, in TELCCA, that with our today's accumulated knowledge, experience, and highly skilled individuals, as well as with our today's advanced technology and the easiness of accessing anything anywhere and reaching out for anybody anytime and anywhere, there is really no reason to not having more great individuals in our world.

We realized that the issue is not about having no enough skills, knowledge, technology, or even motivated talented people, but that there is a lack of platforms that are able to systematically and wisely lead such a process of creating, guiding, and supporting these individuals towards their destined greatness.

Creating TELCCA was meant for those who want to become exceptional individuals. TELCCA is a development-based platform, designed to be the ultimate toolkit in which all what needed to achieve greatness is found. TELCCA aims to become the ultimate journey partner and to facilitate individuals' journey towards greatness. In a nutshell, we care and we want to make sure you get the best guidance and opportunities to actualize your greatness, excel in your professional life, and eventually improve the world.